The Prokontroll is the ultimate steering handle for all hand held trolling
motors.  With it's patented 360 degree turning radius, steering your boat is
a breeze.  Push forward to turn the motor left by 180 degrees or pull back to
turn right 180 degrees.  Stay on the fish, not the motor.

1. All Aluminum Construction
2. Stainless Steel Hardware
3. Adjustable Handle
4. Smooth Teflon Bushings
Kenrick Manufacturing, LLC  /  29900 Hwy 191 /  Many LA 71449
337 540-8234
Stay on the fish, not the motor!
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Prokontroll comes with a 1 year factory warranty.  The
unit must be sent to our factory for inspection.  If we
can't repair the unit, we will replace it. If you buy online
we have your name and date of purchase.  If you buy
from a dealer, you MUST HAVE A RECEIPT.